How does it work?

I will demonstrate how hypnosis works and how we can make it work for you in particular. 

Together we will pick out the best options, strategies and resources available to you now, so that you discover new realisations and practical strategies that you can start using at once. 

You can expect to take away feelings of relief and hope, a clearer sense of purpose, and renewed confidence.

Is what I offer right for you? Call me now and find out.

Get in touch


Free 20 minute initial enquiry call

Book an enquiry call – check me out, it’s free, it’s confidential, and there’s no need to decide right away whether to go ahead and book an appointment. Dip your toe in the water first before you decide to plunge right in!

Just let me know if you’d prefer a face-to-face meeting on Zoom, or a phone call.

Contact me and we can agree a day and time to suit.

First Hypnotherapy Session


90 minutes

For a first or a single consultation, I allow extra time to listen and assess: where are you in your life at the moment, where do you want to be, what will help most and soonest?

We will map out a plan of action that you can start to use at once. I will show you how you can use so-called hypnotic techniques to make a real difference. In one session you can expect to feel clearer and easier in your mind already, and more confident going forward.

Follow On Sessions


60 minutes

It takes practice, reminding and support to establish new ways of acting and reacting. If one session feels good, more sessions will reinforce the benefits. But how many sessions might you need? 

If you don’t want to commit to more than one at a time, go for my pay-as-you-go, see-how-I-feel follow-up sessions. 

Offer applies only to follow-up bookings made within 60 days of the first session.

Frequently Asked Questions

The first session is 90 minutes, subsequent sessions are one hour.

To start with, only one!

At the first session we will lay out the best options, strategies and resources available to you now, so that you can take away a plan of action that you can start using at once. At the very least you can expect to achieve a feeling of relief, a fresh perspective and renewed confidence.

For most issues, expect to follow up with an average of four to six sessions, or until you feel confident that you have addressed the problem and can move on. New ideas need reinforcing, new behaviours need practising, and new ways of thinking need repeating until they become your new normal.

You will benefit for life from the insights you gain, the skills you learn and the improvements you make in your emotional, mental and physical well-being. Try it and see!