What do you want to change?

Anna Powell
BA(Hons.), MA, DABCH, Dip CBH

Can I help you?

Are you anxious about something coming up that you are not looking forward to?

Or have something to do that you keep putting off?

Maybe you’re affected by an experience in your past; or struggling with a situation right now?

If a problem is getting you down – if something in your life isn’t working – or if you want more joy and satisfaction out of your job, your relationship, your sport, your health, your life – why not give me a call?

In confidence, and without commitment. No problem is so small or embarassing that you can afford to ignore it, or so great that you can’t find some relief and insight from it.

Many people find that they immediately feel better as soon as they have made a decision to address a problem and have taken that first small step towards dealing with it.

Relax to achieve more

I can help you to RELAX

  • when you feel stressed,  worried, frustrated
  • when you are in challenging circumstances
  • when you feel nervous before an interview, exam, driving test, dentist, medical procedure, social event, or starting something new
Deep relaxation is profoundly beneficial for a healthy body and an alert mind. Yet few people know how to release both muscle tension and emotional tautness – least of all when they are stressed, frightened or in pain.

In a relaxed frame of mind, you can rise to situations effortlessly that used to seem impossible, and make decisions with a confidence you may never have known you had in you.

I can help you to SOLVE THE PROBLEM

if you are troubled by

  • phobia, panic, anxiety
  • lack of confidence
  • loneliness or depression
  • private worries, negative or obsessive thoughts
  • compulsive or irrational behaviour
  • shame, anger, hurt

Together we can gently change what is not working in your life. You don’t need to put up with feelings of failure and inadequacy, or avoid situations you find difficult. Wouldn’t you rather find ways that work better for you, that make you feel stronger and happier instead?

I can help you to MAKE CHANGES

in situations such as

  • redundancy and loss
  • debt and other life-traps
  • conflict in relationships
  • ill-health
  • pressures at work or at home
  • bereavement
  • shock, upheaval and crisis
  • stress-related physical problems
  • self-undermining habits such as nail-biting, smoking, eating disorders

Life is continuous change. Sometimes it happens in painful ways. Sometimes you seem stuck in a downward spiral, or a rut you can’t get out of. But the brain is resilient. It can adapt. It can make new connections. It moves on. I can help you to see things differently, shape new directions, draw upon past strengths and great moments – or create them.

I can help you to ACHIEVE MORE

when you want more
  • self-esteem, better organisation, clearer goals
  • motivation to make changes
  • improved performance in business and at home, in sport, entertainment and creativity
  •  joy in life and deeper purpose
The techniques already used extensively by top athletes to improve focus and motor skills work just as well in every aspect of life. Live life more fully, improve your relationships, get more out of everything you do. Live from the heart, from the deep heart’s core.

Why all the sea pictures...?

The sea is the favourite symbol for the unconscious, the mother of all that lives - C G Jung

The sea is a rich world, full of precious resources that, like the mind itself, we have taken for granted, have hardly begun to fully appreciate and respect. Like the boundless sea, there is always more depth, more life and more to wonder at in you than you have yet discovered.

When you turn the spotlight of your conscious attention on your inner experience, you reconnect with your sense of who you are, what really matters, and what you value most.

The vast, unconscious ocean of your own imagination, dreams, forgotten memories and undeveloped potential is an endless source of surprising solutions. Dive in - or just dip a toe - into the world of your inner self, and bring back new insights to enrich and enliven your outer life.

A bit about me

For forty years as a therapist and teacher I have worked with individuals and with groups, with adults and children; and I am still, or even more, fascinated and moved by the endless resourcefulness, adaptability and creativity of the human mind.

What people say:

“Bombshell news!!! I went to the dentist this morning with no fear. I almost want to say I was looking forward to it. I do remember thinking about the outcome. I am sure that was one of the things you planted in my terrified head! My teeth will be good to go for a few years yet and no dentures required. Thank you - you are so good at it”
"Every suggestion was rooted in her deep understanding of the mind and her keenness to understand me as an individual… I started to notice my sleep improving and long-established stress symptoms lessening..."
"The magic of working with her is that she has harnessed what is natural in me and has guided me in a way that feels so logical... Anna has helped my dreams to come true but she has also helped me to understand myself and my resourcefulness and I benefit from this in everyday life, each day"