Anna Powell

experienced and practical hypnotherapist

What do you want to change?

imagine, repeat, achieve

“Everything human beings do is habit. All habits can change. Hypnosis is a fast track to changing habits.” (Christopher Green, Overpowered)

It’s not your personality or your fate, but what you repeatedly do or don’t do, it’s how you habitually think and react, that either overrides your good intentions or will take you where you want to go. Habit shapes what you do until it becomes so easy and natural to do that it is difficult to stop doing it – as everyone knows who tries to change their ways.

Hypnosis is a skill anyone can learn. It can help you to change what is not working in your life, by giving you more choice and control in what you do and how you do it.

Hypnotherapy shows you how to focus your attention far more effectively on what is possible, beneficial and revitalising.  It makes use of the natural workings of the mind to reach past the cautious limits of everyday conscious expectations, and to wake up new ideas, insights and energies. 

The brain is resilient. It adapts. It makes new connections. It moves on. Trust your mind to learn new tricks, see things differently, shape new directions, draw upon past strengths and happy moments – or invent them. Trust your own imagination to come up with the convincing and practical answers you want, and you will find that you can simply do more than you thought possible.

“The sea is the favourite symbol for the unconscious, the mother of all that lives” (C G Jung). 

The sea covers almost three quarters of our earth. It is a rich world, full of precious resources that, like the mind itself, we have hardly begun to fully appreciate and respect. There is always more depth and life in you than you have yet discovered.

Hypnosis turns the spotlight of conscious attention on your inner experience. It restores to you a sense of self and of what you value most. The vast, unconscious factory of your own imagination, dreams, forgotten memories and undeveloped potential is an endless source of surprising solutions.

Begin with the changes that make a difference

I have helped my clients to relieve and resolve many and various kinds of challenges and setbacks 

relaxing at will
  • … kept failing her driving test. After one session she was relaxed and confident enough to pass the next one.
  • … avoided going to the dentist for years. Now thinks nothing of booking a regular checkup.
  • … suffering from a broken hip, amazed to find that deep relaxation helped to ease the pain.
solving the problem
  • … lonely, low self esteem,  had anxiety attacks in crowded places and a phobia for heights. Now gleefully takes the lift to the top of a department store.
  • … fear of flying, after one session before a work trip abroad had a comfortable journey.
  • … behavioural problems at school, made fast and creative changes.
easing the pain
  • … seeking help for insomnia and how to cope with redundancy,  soon sleeping better with new hope and energy.
  • … bereaved and lost, recovered peace of mind and a new sense of purpose.
  • … overwhelmed with anxieties, but a practical action plan and calm state of mind restored self esteem and hope for the future.
achieving more
  • … musician too nervous to perform in public found the  confidence to play on stage.
  • … bowling champion who had lost his knack, a golfer who had lost his swing and a show-jumper who had lost her nerve are some of the sportspeople who have improved their skills and gone on to further success. 

“Every suggestion was rooted in her deep understanding of the mind and her keenness to understand me as an individual… I started to notice my sleep improving and long-established stress symptoms lessening…” (DG)

"Bombshell news!!! I went to the dentist this morning with no fear. I almost want to say I was looking forward to it. I do remember thinking about the outcome. I am sure that was one of the things you planted in my terrified head! My teeth will be good to go for a few years yet and no dentures required. Thank you - you are so good at it" - SC

satisfaction is finding what works for you

frequently asked questions

What is the cost?

£80 per first or single session

per follow-up session

How long is a session?

One hour

How many sessions will I need?

To start with, only one!
I approach each session as if it is the only one you have time or opportunity for. We will focus on one priority at a time. We will agree the best options, strategies and resources available to you now, so that you can take away a plan of action that you can start using at once. At the very least you can expect to achieve a feeling of relief, a fresh perspective and renewed confidence.

If then you would like to work more on the same or another problem, we can book another session. New ideas may need reinforcing, new behaviours need practising, and new ways of thinking need repeating to help them become your new normal.

You can use the service as and when you want to, and benefit for life from the skills you learn and the techniques that work best for you.

about me

Anna Powell 

BA (Hons), MA,

“We carry within us the wonders we seek without us: there is all Africa and her prodigies in us” (Sir Thomas Browne, Religio Medici)

I grew up in Cyprus and Africa; and to me the mind itself has always seemed like another country, a landscape with its own rhythms and language, where we come from and yet where our roots remain.

Following studies in Transpersonal Psychology, I taught adult education classes in dream interpretation and went on to design and run  workshops in the field of self-awareness and human potential. I have trained with several schools of hypnotherapy, most comprehensively in cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy.

After forty years of working as a therapist and teacher with individuals and groups, adults and children, I remain  fascinated and moved by the endless resourcefulness, adaptability and creativity of the human mind.

what is cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy?

There are many different kinds of ‘therapy’, so how can you know which will help you in your particular situation? What matters most is that you trust and feel comfortable with the therapist, whatever their theoretical background. But then it helps to consider whether their way of working is what you are looking for.

Clinical studies have shown that the already well-established cognitive behavioural approach to therapy works all the better when combined with hypnotherapy. And the combination also makes for a more effective intervention than traditional hypnotherapy alone.

Most forms of counselling and psychodynamic therapy encourage a client to commit to being ‘in therapy’ for an unspecified number of sessions; to talk about their problems at length and in depth; to look for causes in past events; and in general to probe what is wrong in their life. 

My own approach starts from a more straightforward and informal position. We build on what is working. We explore choices you can make here and now. The process is a collaboration and a consultation rather than a ‘treatment’.

What does hypnotherapy feel like? Relaxing. Invigorating. On the inside, you may experience deep personal insights that give you a renewed sense of meaning and purpose in your life. On the outside, you may be surprised to find yourself more calm and confident, in a relieved and empowered state of mind.

“Have been doing very well this week. Had a few situations that would have terrified me before and came out smiling” (DD)

"The magic of working with her is that she has harnessed what is natural in me and has guided me in a way that feels so logical... Anna has helped my dreams to come true but she has also helped me to understand myself and my resourcefulness and I benefit from this in everyday life, each day" - DH

contact me

I am centrally located in the medieval cathedral city of Salisbury, Wiltshire, SP1 1HU